What We Do

Vehicle Branding / Signage/ Decals / Complete Colour Change (Wraps)

From minor stickers and commercial wraps and graphics to custom wraps and colour change, we offer it all! Using your vehicle to advertise your business has proven very successful – The key to our growth has been in helping our customers grow their business.

Park Distance Controllers (PDC)

This one is for those of you who hate trying to park in tight car parks. The park distance control feature is found on some of the new cars that are available on the market today. It won’t park the car for you, but will certainly guide you into those trickier parking spaces. Park Distance Control (PDC) uses sonar sound waves and high-tech electronics to guide you in tight parking situations. Park distance control helps you park by audibly indicating when you are near an object, typically a parked car.

Both the front and back bumpers contain ultrasonic sensors that relay messages to the driver inside the vehicle usually via beeps of various tones. The tones emitted match the appropriate parts of the car, and the beeps become more rapid as the distance narrows between the car and an object. An example of this could be higher-pitch beep warning of objects near the front of the car, while a lower tone beep indicates objects near the rear of the car. The park distance control feature is an electronic accessory that is now proving to be very popular and now there is a way to get this fitted into any model or type of vehicle

Mag Wheel Repair and Refurbish

We offer the repairing and refurbishing of mag wheels of any size and any damage. Come in and speak to us about restoring or straightening your mag wheels to their original factory condition. We are fully trained and capable of restoring or straightening almost any damage on your mag wheels, including cracks, bends, buckles and scratches.

Auto Valet and Detailing

We offer bumper-to-bumper, interior, engine bay, body, rims and tyre cleaning using the world’s best products.

We offer the absolute best in high-quality car washes, professional hand wax, and inside and outside detailing. Our car care professionals will have your vehicle sparkling and looking like new in no time at all!

Anti-smash-and-grab Tinting

Protect your loved ones and your belongings with our anti-smash-and-grab tinting – A vital security “must have” on every vehicle (fitted with a 10 year guarantee!). With over 15 years of expert experience in the fitment of anti-smash-and-grab tinting, we have you covered.

How it Works?

The film provides a tough barrier which will hold shattered glass in place in the event of a smash-and-grab attack or an accident situation.

Smash-and-grab film translucent levels include:

  • Clear: A transparent UV-protected car window film, used when solar control is not required and protection from smash-and-grab attacks is all you want.
  • 50% Visual Light Transmission: This level of translucency provides solar and UV protection. It allows in 52% of light, while blocking out 29% of the heat.

35% Visual Light Transmission: This product is all you need if you are looking for the highest solar protection. It allows 38% of visible light in, blocks out 34% heat and provides 99% UV reduction.

Complete Audio Visual Installation

From basic MP3 players to full-on custom audio visual setups, we do it all.

Reverse Cameras

A standard feature on most new cars can now be fitted in-house, at our workshop, to every vehicle.

How it Works:

A reverse camera is attached to the rear of the vehicle to assist the driver to view directly behind it.

Paint Protection Systems (PPS)

PPS refers to protecting paintwork from water spot marks, scratches, paint or stone chips. PPS is highly recommended since customers who opt for PPS have an easier time maintaining their vehicles. PPS helps to keep your vehicle in top condition, even after 5 years!

Other Services

Vehicle lighting: HID kits/ park fogs/ number plate LED conversions | Interior LED lights conversion/ DRL lighting kits | Headlight / tail light laminex