What Can Be Wrapped?

Vinyl wraps can be applied to all sorts of vehicles; if it has wheels (or if it floats!), we’ll wrap it. We’ll wrap cars, vans, trucks, buses, fleets, trailers, motorcycles, boats and CERTAINLY race cars!
Whether you want the panoramic look to enhance the value or style of your car, why not get your roof wrapped in gloss black! Or if you want to stand out from the rest, why not wrap you entire car, simply tired of the colour or feel you need a change? No need to fork out thousands to buy a new car or paint your car, a wrap can be done in a few days. The results are astonishing. Don’t forget to view all our work on the gallery page to see what can actually be done with your vehicle.

Vehicle Make Overs

Here at Dreamworks Autohouse, we are everything cars! We are the ones who set the trends when it comes to customising. Our specialists spend hours reviewing trends of custom cars around the globe so trust us we know what’s in fashion and how to get your car looking unique.

Not all of us know exactly what we want for our cars or how to get the right look when going the route of customising. We have specialist in house who can design the layout of your vehicle. We can customise your vehicle with a clean but classy look. No need to be over the top to be jaw dropping!

The process of vehicle make overs

Come in and have a chat to a specialist, tell us what you had in mind. We will work out what looks best for your car, give you a quote. Once you are happy with the design and price, hand your vehicle over to us and wait to be wowed!

Advantages of Vehicle Wraps vs. Paint


A vinyl vehicle wrap is far less expensive than a high-quality paint job. If you’re thinking about a custom-painted logo on the sides of your vehicle, you could be spending the same as vinyl wrap for your entire vehicle. If you’re planning to paint your entire car get ready for a huge investment whereas your entire car can be wrapped in much faster turnaround times as well as for the fraction of the cost as opposed to painting. So in other words when it comes to vehicle wraps vs. paint, vinyl will cover more of your car for less money.


It takes less time to install a full wrap than it does to paint a vehicle. If you’re doing a full paint job, you’ll be without your vehicle for approximately two weeks. Wrap installations, on the other hand, take two or three days depending on the complexity of the work. That’s less downtime for your vehicles and more revenue for your company.


Wraps are more durable than paint. The vinyl used for vehicle wraps is laminated to protect it from UV rays, so they don’t fade nearly as quickly as paint. Plus, the vinyl’s thick and won’t chip or scratch the way paint does.


Vehicle wraps don’t require waxing. A simple wash with soap and water is all you need to make your vinyl wrap look brand new again.


Wraps are easy to remove and don’t damage the paint underneath. If your selling your car you get to give your buyers a choice whether they would prefer a car wrapped in blue or perhaps a silver car ( that’s if you vehicle was originally silver underneath your wrap)


Vinyl wraps can be swapped out for less money. If you go through a re-brand or simply get tired of looking at the colour or design on your company cars, it’s much more affordable to have them re-wrapped than it is to re-paint them.

Vehicle branding / signage

As on premise signage is important for helping people find your exact business location, vehicle wraps are a dynamic, cutting edge way to let people know you exist in the first place. Unlike static signs, vehicle wraps travel wherever you do — which means any time your vehicle is in motion, you’re gaining brand exposure. In fact, wraps are the single most cost-effective advertising option available today. Quite simply, vehicle wraps will get you seen — more often and for less money than any other advertising solution you’ll try. What other marketing strategies work that hard in addition to shrinking your expenses while growing your revenue?

In the vehicle wraps vs. paint debate, wraps are the clear winner. We can help you design a wrap that tells your brand’s story and encourages new customers! Start promoting your business with our FREE ESTIMATE today.