The Hydrophobic Wash Package

R160 per month

At DREAMWORKS AUTOHOUSE we believe that an end to end detailed pamper for your vehicle is not a luxury – rather a necessity to maintain our cars values. We NEED to keep ours cars in good condition as it’s one of the most expensive assets we would ever own.
After conducting extensive research to find a way to keep the values of our vehicles up, keep our cars in a clean, sanitized condition at all times, all in doing so in an affordable manner especially during these difficult times, we have a result! A simple straight forward, yet extremely effective and affordable car care plan that suites the pocket of anyone who owns a vehicle.

What You Get Every Month

A 3 step HYDROPHOBIC WASH valued at R650 which is made up of:
  • Step 1 – A SNOW FOAM pre-wash to prevent swirls and scratches
  • Step 2 – A Dreamworks Autohouse DEEP WASH to open the pores of the vehicles body resulting in a deeper clean
  • Step 3 – HYDROPHOBIC SEALANT keeping your vehicle ceramic coated all year round.

We Give You This Once A Month Every Month!!


A Free Full Detailed Valet Valued At R5500 After 3rd Month Of Membership.

This includes a deep clean of your seats, carpets, roof-lining, door pads, all interior and exterior trim clean and polish, engine bay detail, exterior 3 step hydrophobic wash, clay decontamination, full vehicle sanitization, with a ceramic coat protection and shine. You will get back a completely sanitized and dried vehicle.
And That’s Not All
Your also get amazing discounts on other services for being a member.
Discounts are applicable on services such as scratch and dent repair, mag wheel repairs and recoats, parking sensors, rear cameras, roof-lining and seat repairs, headlight restoration and all other services offered by Dreamworks Autohouse. This is guaranteed best prices in the market for all Dreamworks Autohouse members!

Why You Need It

Your car’s paintwork takes a lot of abuse. You’re driving the vehicle around at high speeds, so all kinds of dirt and residue will get splattered on and dried very quickly. In many cases, trying to remove those more bonded contaminates by simply hand washing your car can prove to be difficult or even worse, lead to swirls and scratches. Snow foaming has the benefit of softening and encapsulating dirt and road grime, providing a far safer and easier hand washing result.

Often, a regular wash and wax treatment just won’t be strong enough to get these contaminates off on its own. Snow foam helps by partially breaking down dirt on your car’s paintwork, wheels,
And other surfaces giving you a much cleaner vehicle without compromising your paintwork to damage. Your package includes a hydrophobic coat applied to your vehicle leaving it with intense gloss and shine, giving your vehicle that just waxed look. Don’t forget the protection this provides against swirls and scratches. And you get this every single month saving you time and money!

Sign up today by filling in the form and start enjoying your benefits immediately after your first payment is received!! No contracts, no waiting periods, stay on as a member for as long as you want to reap in the rewards. Selling your vehicle soon? No problem – we will just update the new vehicle details so you may continue using the services.



Terms  and Conditions

  • The Hydrophobic wash membership costs R160 per month.
  • Membership is limited to vehicle that is registered for the plan only. The vehicles unique vin number will be used to identify the client.
  • The package enables you to receive one hydrophobic wash per calendar month. Any additional washes within the month will be paid for by the client.
  • One full valet is claimable by the client after 3 successful payments.
  • All other services will be discounted by up 30% for all members.
  • This membership is not a contract.
  • By agreeing to the terms and conditions, I authorize Dreamworks Autohouse to debit my account for R160 per month on my selected salary date.
  • 30 day notice of cancelation will be given to Dreamworks Autohouse to stop all future debit orders.